Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekly Running Recap

Happy Monday, all!  It's been such a busy weekend, but we've had such an amazing time.  I'll post a recap of that (and my first foray into baking) later, but I really wanted to get this post up first!  Week Two post-half and I'm still going strong!

Weekly Mileage:
M- rest
T- 7 miles
W- 3.1 miles
Th- rest
F- 10 miles
S- rest
Su- 4 miles + 4.2 mile walk w/Amber
Total Miles: 24 (28 if I count the walk, which I don't really since we were leisurely walking)

Tuesday: These 7 miles were a constant mental battle since I had to keep bargaining the distance with myself, but finished all the miles I'd originally wanted to do strong and with a nice 11:30 pace.

Wednesday: In an effort to up my mileage this week, I added a fourth run, something I haven't done in awhile.  Great morning run before class (something I rarely do, but plan on repeating) with an 11:06 pace.  Woo!

Friday: Moved our long run to Friday so we didn't have to worry about abandoning our visitors over the weekend.  Jon and I ran the first 3.5 together with Sahara, dropped her off, and then went our separate ways.  Beautiful weather.  Stopped a few times (including at home and a potty break) and still got my 12:18 pace.  I felt great and like I definitely could have gone farther—That's the first time I've ever had THAT feeling at on a double digit run, so I'll take it.  Plus, the irritating blister on my right baby toe is back.  Joy.

Sunday: Wanted to get in an easy, shorter run to bring up my mileage into places it hasn't been before (or, if not, in a REALLY long time pre-Daily Mile).  It's so easy to tell when I've been eating poorly because my running suffers.  After the indulgences of this weekend, my legs felt like lead and Jon and I both had a hard time pushing ourselves.  Ran (literally) into a friend visiting from out of town who was on a walk with her brother, so we stopped and talked for at least 15 minutes.  Forgot to turn off my Garmin while talking, so our pace reads as a 16:00 mile average.  Guess the real pace will remain a mystery.  But hey, 24 miles for the week!  Boo.  Yah!

The goal this week is to get up to my goal base mileage of 25 miles per week for the winter.  Looks like a good break down might be 7/3/10/5 or something similar.  Feeling good and am excited that this nice weather looks like it's sticking around for most of this week.  Not gonna lie, I'm really nervous about my first Winter running in Ohio.

For those of you who live in colder places for the winter, do you have any good tips for Winter running (clothing, habits, fuel, anything)?

PS: Super congratulations to my friend Christina @ Just Running who completed her first ultra marathon at the Taterbug 30 this weekend!!!

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  1. Great mileage, Nicky! A 7-miler and a 10-miler in the same week! That's pretty darn awesome. Did Friday leave you feeling like your body is meant to run long distances?

    Be prepared for your fuel to freeze. I've had water bottles freeze closed and GU gels harden quite a bit. Avoid walk breaks in the winter if you can because the sweat wicked away in your clothes freezes fast when you stop running. Don't worry about pace if there's ice or snow on the ground; just enjoy the adventure. I like to run my first mile close to home on the off-chance that I need to make a wardrobe adjustment. Try layering tights with loose running pants when it's really cold. I'm really jacked up on caffeine, and I'm just sort of typing whatever comes to mind.

    Thanks for the shout! Have another amazing week!