Monday, March 12, 2012

So Fit, So Fine: Weekly Recap

Last week was probably one of my best weeks work-out wise in a long time. More x-training any during any of my half prep and I just felt STRONG.

M: 45 minutes of Spinning. Hadn't been in years and was SO proud of how hard I pushed myself. Took my Garmin along for my HRM and used it to push myself in the zone.

T: 30 Day Shred

W: 30 Day Shred + Spinning + Pilates (Felt like a BAMF)

Th: 4 mile run (my first run in the rain!)

F: 2 mi run + Spinning + Pilates

S: 5 mi run with Jon and his cousin. 10:47 pace aka my fastest EVER

Sun: 3 mi hike in the Hocking Hills

Total milage: 11 miles! Woo!

It was a really great week exercise wise, even if I ended up eating too much and gaining 1.5#. Oh well. I can at least tell a difference in my arms from all those Pilates push ups!

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